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#HBD2016, the it's all about me edition

Today was a fun day. I was fully prepared to write about my father and how this would be his 79th birthday and I was born in 1979, blah blah blah, but then I had a really bad day: I did not get a job I had interviewed for, it took nearly three hours to drive home from the job I'm stuck in and I now have to go back out in said storm to mail a package, leaving me with less time to pack for my "weekend" trip than I hoped.

At least I'll get to see my wife tomorrow.

So, happy birthday dad! I"m kind of glad you aren't here to see me at my self loathing; self deprecating worst.


The little Barber Shop of memories

About a week ago I went to a Barber Shop for the first time in what must be close to twenty years. It wasn't even a conscious choice, more one of convenience. It turns out, a bigger city means longer waits for appointments and salons don't take walk-ins as happily.

For all of the new updates and changes that have occurred since the last time I visited the most "manly" of grooming establishments--online booking and Square payment through a phone being at the forefront--there was a palpable sense of coming home again. The smell of whatever Barber Shop specific cleaning products for example apparently cannot be improved on as that particular smell was the first thing to hit me as I walked in the door. Other than the too obvious attempt to make this a place for "men," I felt at home there. I had forgotten how much I missed the sounds--and sights--of scissors cutting at a rapid and seemingly random pace. As with most things nostalgia related, I was reminded of my dad and how we would go to the barber as a father/son bonding activity when I was younger. In fact, part of the reason I stopped going to this type of shop is that my--and my father's--longtime barber retired and the experience was such a positive one, I didn't want it soured with the uncertainty of a new person. That should give you a little insight into how my brain works.

Beyond the memories, the really interesting part about my visit was how it brought up all of these confusing gender identity questions in my head. I had forgotten just how distinct the gender lines can be, even in 2016. A Barber Shop is a place that men went to do "manly" things while the Hair Salon is where women went to do "ladylike" things. In my attempt to be more of a modern human being, I sort of stepped out of that bubble for a while and it's weird coming back to it after all of these years. The really confusing thing is just how welcoming it felt, and I can't quite figure out if it was the nostalgia factor, or if the experience triggered something else inside me, down in that place where rye and Frank Sinatra live.

Unfortunately, I got the one barber who didn't speak English, so I didn't get the full chat while they cut experience. This might warrant another visit to figure out the mystery. Only 4 more weeks until it's justified!


Starting over at thirty something 

It's a young man's game. That's what "they" keep saying anyway. So why would I essentially decide to start over again at thirty*cough*mumble*? More importantly, why am I asking this sitting at a coffee shop on Queen West after already splitting my life in half for the next three to four weeks?

I suppose some would consider me still a young man in the scheme of things, although these days I don't really feel like it. The past four months have taken their toll, and while I'm not exactly intimidated by my new life, I understand what kind of adjustments I will have to make over the next four months.

If I was one to look at signs, the way the MLB playoffs are shaking out this year would seem to say that I'm doing the right thing. Teams I loved from my past are colliding with my present (and future) just in time for me to enjoy them in person--or at least in closer proximity than ever before.

But mainly, this move just feels right, and it will make my wife happy once the dust settles. Maybe I should have inverted those two points, the implied cliché aside.

Selfishly, it's given my creative motivation a kick in the pants; hence my presence in this super hipster place today. It's ok, but my search for a new "spot(s)" continues. It's only really been two days after all.


Decade: It's not just a defunct wrestling faction

Ten years ago I was single, new to the city I currently live in and living with roommates in a rental house. Oh, and I had a father who was alive.

Today I'm married, getting ready to leave this city for a better one and living with my wife (and cat) in a condo that we own. Oh, and it's been ten years since I've had a father who was alive.

A decade of a life lived, more than a quarter of the time I've been on this planet, some of the happiest moments; some of the most sad. None of which I was able to share with my--forgive the hyperbole--hero. He was the one who got me to a place where I could live the life I would end up living, the one who helped me out the--quite literal--door, and one of the two who welcomed me back when I needed to come home.

Ten years ago I had a family of three.

Today I have almost tripled that number with ties that only get stronger every day. I'm so lucky with the life and extended family I've married into and I'm so incredibly unlucky that I can't share this with him. He's a part of me (the best part of me), but not beside me anymore.

And because half of our relationship was based on the most inside of jokes, I'll end with one that he would no doubt approve of, will always make me giggle, and is subversive in a way you'll probably never understand:

Miss you dad; miss you every day.


This pretty much sums up the last few months...

 So tonight I think I inadvertently channeled my inner Millenial. While waiting for a friend at a coffee shop, I did the following things:


  1. Added a few minor links to a website I manage (not this one)
  2. Listened to a 15 minute podcast just to get it out of my podcatcher 
  3. Loaded my music playlist with songs that I knew would make me melencholy
  4. Tried to draw and doodle; debated becoming a graph cartoonist (see below and don't ask)
  5. Read two chapters of a book I've read 20 times
  6. Coloured 
  7. Decided to enter the first blog entry I've done in months


...All on my iPad because I'm a nerd like that.