The Tweets
The Tweets

I wish I was alert enough to come up with a snappy title...

I've probably written about this before in one of my many other attempts at a blog, but it's once again time for my semi-annual stuff purge!

This time though, I hope it's a little different. Living in the past is probably too harsh a term, but I have been known to languish there from time to time and I seem to have this need to prove that certain things happened to me by hoarding things (although some of my better stories, like the time I was a carny for a summer have zero physical proof to back it up; not even a pay stub as I was paid under the table--of course I was, I was a carny!).

This being my third decade of being alive, one can imagine that means a virtual cornucopia of stuff has piled up. So much space being wasted by things that I probably will never need again. I mean do I really need 10 programs from my college's hockey team's various matches? Don't answer that.

I arrived home from work much more tired than I expected to be, but I didn't want there to be yet another excuse for not doing something, so I spent fifteen minutes and I cleaned out one Banker's Box of stuff. Sure some of it just went into another, less full box, but some of it did get trashed and theres one box worth of volume freed up in the storage space. It might not be much, but it's a start.

(Now watch what I'm about to do here...)

Being as tired as I am today, I didn't really want to write anything either, but just like the storage space, I knew that if I didn't put something down on virtual paper every couple of days, it might be another few months before I remembered I have a website (with more interesting contributors on the way, I promise!). I've never been a big baby step guy, but maybe that's why everything recently has seemed like such a mountain to climb.

(Horray for poorly constructed metaphors! Now on to the finale...)

So I apologize in advance for the boring posts that will surely follow, but if all I can do is move one small box at a time, that's better than drowning under a pile of movie stubs from 1998.

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