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The Tweets

Must everything be a life lesson?

Well I did it. I completed something on my new personal calendar. As I sit here trying not to get sweat all over my keyboard, I can allow myself a pat on the back for finishing my second run of the season (proudly wearing the third nerdiest t-shirt in my wardrobe!). This is definitely not going to turn into a self congratulatory thing--and I never will post any measurable results in an ugly attempt to garner support/sympathy (read: I'm slightly embarrassed by said results)--I will allow myself a rare moment to revel in the fact that so far, I'm actually sticking to something (two things if you count what I'm currently doing).

Not to bore you with the details, but something else hit me as I was walking back home. I've forgotten how to pace myself. I'll probably repeat myself early on in this process, but it's more to knock things into my thick skull than for you, faithful reader (I'm going to go on pretending people are reading this from the get go so that if I actually gain an audience, there won't be as much performance anxiety).

My first kilometer was relatively good, time wise, but it drained my tank pretty good so that I couldn't end as strong as I wanted to. Back when I was playing organized sports on a regular basis, I had learned how to pace myself so that I wouldn't tire myself out too early. Of course, the same can be said of other aspects in my life (big revelation...). I tend to throw myself completely into things, once I convince myself to start, that I'm so tired all I can think of is "when can I stop and relax?" 

A trick I've learned from others (and Super Mario World) is to set up checkpoints at various intervals along the path to a goal (physical, or mental) so that the whole task is not so daunting. The problem is that once I'm in sight of these checkpoints, I tend to burn myself out trying to reach them, forgetting that the checkpoint is not the goal; hell, the goal isn't even really the goal. I also forget to take in everything around me, always looking too far into the future for what's coming next.

The fun is supposed to be in the journey, and somewhere I lost sight of that… and now off to the shower before I short out my computer!

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