The Tweets
The Tweets

This pretty much sums up the last few months...

 So tonight I think I inadvertently channeled my inner Millenial. While waiting for a friend at a coffee shop, I did the following things:


  1. Added a few minor links to a website I manage (not this one)
  2. Listened to a 15 minute podcast just to get it out of my podcatcher 
  3. Loaded my music playlist with songs that I knew would make me melencholy
  4. Tried to draw and doodle; debated becoming a graph cartoonist (see below and don't ask)
  5. Read two chapters of a book I've read 20 times
  6. Coloured 
  7. Decided to enter the first blog entry I've done in months


...All on my iPad because I'm a nerd like that.

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