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How to use technology to your advantage... a report from the field

As I sit in a bar, waiting for my best friend to show up, I wonder how best to document my time. So I decided to do something I would normally feel self conscious about. I pulled out my iPad and my fancy new spill proof keyboard and I started typing this very phrase in between sips of my rye and ginger, fully secure that I won't ruin my keyboard in the event of some unlikely--likelier as the night goes on--spillage. Shameless plug over, I'm disappointed to see that my first people watching subjects have left; and not five minutes after the Tom Mulcair lookalike left.... wait, check that. I think it's just a smoke break. They're fellow Quebecois; I should have known.

Our waitress is cool at least; and we've had her before.

I used to wonder what people thought of me and what I do to an insane degree in a self conscious way. Now I seem to be leaning towards it being more curious of how they see me; I can't be the only jude out there, right?
**Non Sequitur over**

My main concern now is do I stop before my friend shows up so I can have a completed thought/post or do I wait and make this a real live blog moment that can get cut off at any time? If the people watching doesn't pick up, I might have the choice taken away from me. Time for a rye and ginger break.

One of the Quebecois either loves or hates Tim Meadows. I either love or hate how he drops into perfect English from Quebecois when he names famous people, but Steve is still Stheeve.

Best friend here... time to sign off!


Foiled... by the very technology I hoped to use

So I found the perfect place to sit and work in the evenings during the week, so I sat down, pulled out my electronics and... no wifi. Or rather, pay only wifi.


Take two next week, back at Starbucks I suppose.


Sabbatical over... almost

It wouldn't be Consistently Inconsistent if I wasn't exactly that. At least that's what I keep telling myself to make taking nearly four months off. Well, I'm almost back... or at the very least I'm making plans to come back. Not because the two are mutually exclusive, but I'm foregoing basketball for the winter and using my regular sports night as a "project night."

I have more projects than ever not even half started and I need to do something to get things going or else I'll probably implode from the stagnation. Two websites, "Code School," my Resume and one big--huge--life change; not to mention the macro project of how to get all of these accomplished more or less at the same time.

I just need to learn how to stop sabotaging myself first...

To be continued...


Code School #2 - Sup?

That was both easier and more annoying than I thought.

The last few lectures were quick, and showed me how to do the simple "Hello World" app. So of course I tried to recreate it from memory and... it failed. So I consulted the lecture and it seemed like I had done everything right, but the whole app was crashing.

...turns out Xcode had suffered an error and that's what was screwing the whole thing up. So 20 minutes later, my version of "Hello World," "Sup2" is working like a charm, with one added feature that works halfway (a switch that only turns on instead of off), but it's progress!

I'm going to chalk it up to not coding "Hello World" like the unwritten code of um, coders states.


Code School #1 - Lecturepalooza

I've decided to try and get familiar with iOS coding, because I'm not enough of a nerd already. I'm actually hoping it will help to expand on my expertise and will help with my professional life, so why not document every step? I know that it will be a challenge, but it's something to do on my computer other than updating the metadata on my iTunes Library like an OCD affected asshole...

So I spent most of yesterday evening running through 32 lectures on Swift. considering my coding experience so far stems from creating macros in excel and reverse engineering them in VB to do what I want, I think it went surprisingly well. And by that, I mean that I can grasp onto ideas, if not execution (yet).

I'm 69% done (snicker) with the course, and I decided to take a break right before getting into the meat of actually building an app. I've relegated myself to the playground so far--typing out as many examples to refer to as possible--and I'm sure I'll be referring back to them often as I continue on this little journey.

Next up: jumping out of the playground and into the real world of Xcode (I guess). There are five lectures left before the first app building tutorial (which has yet to be released). While waiting for those to be available, I figure I can try and fail at a bunch of things before being able to get back to my bread and butter--reverse engineering of already created projects.

Huzzah (just because I needed a sign off and I'm too hungry to think of any).

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