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Starting over at thirty something 

It's a young man's game. That's what "they" keep saying anyway. So why would I essentially decide to start over again at thirty*cough*mumble*? More importantly, why am I asking this sitting at a coffee shop on Queen West after already splitting my life in half for the next three to four weeks?

I suppose some would consider me still a young man in the scheme of things, although these days I don't really feel like it. The past four months have taken their toll, and while I'm not exactly intimidated by my new life, I understand what kind of adjustments I will have to make over the next four months.

If I was one to look at signs, the way the MLB playoffs are shaking out this year would seem to say that I'm doing the right thing. Teams I loved from my past are colliding with my present (and future) just in time for me to enjoy them in person--or at least in closer proximity than ever before.

But mainly, this move just feels right, and it will make my wife happy once the dust settles. Maybe I should have inverted those two points, the implied cliché aside.

Selfishly, it's given my creative motivation a kick in the pants; hence my presence in this super hipster place today. It's ok, but my search for a new "spot(s)" continues. It's only really been two days after all.


Some streets still go both ways

This time of year, I'm always reminded that our veterans fought and died for our right to not wear the poppy in November.

Freedom is such buzzword in today's world that we tend to forget exactly what it truly means. We can go on and on about how we have so much freedom in our country, but it all falls flat when we start to specify that it only appies to the freedoms that we're comfortable with. I could go on a diatribe about gay rights, equality of the sexes and any other number of double standards that exist in our society, but these topics have been covered by people much more knowledgable than I am.

Because it's November, I'll just say this: people who risk their lives for the freedom of their fellow citizens don't get to decide what we do with it. I wear the poppy in November because I choose to; it's nobody's business why the person next to me on the sidewalk chooses not to.

THAT is what a free society is all about.

/end mini-rant