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Seventy five years; one bad cup of coffee

Today would have been my father's seventy fifth birthday. If there are any loyal readers out there, they'll know about coffee and my dad. There could be no better tribute to him than having brunch at a diner with the people who are closest to me in my life, drinking a steaming hot cup o' joe.

Two times a year I have an intense desire to get my feelings out of my head so they don't drive me crazy, and two times a year I struggle. July 21 and Dec 15 both mess with my head in a ridiculous way.

Days like these really need a bad cup of coffee.



Happy Father's Day

In lieu of an actual post today, I've decided to re-post something you can find in the "Past Wisdoms" section of this very blog. It was originally written over a year ago, but it being Father's Day today, I felt that it was an appropriate enough piece to plagiarize myself (with one spelling mistake corrected).

I love you Dad and I miss you every day:


They're not just for truck drivers...

Saturday, May 28, 2011 at 9:37AM

As someone who loves a good cup of coffee, I've wondered for years now exactly what it is about that really bad diner drip coffee. My taste buds know it's not good, yet somehow I tolerate it. I'd even go so far as to say I have a soft spot for it. 

Turns out it's my dad's fault.

That didn't come out exactly right, but it's true all the same. Everyone in my family is essentially a caffeine addict. I've been having a morning coffee since I was a pre-teen. Sure it was more milk and sugar than coffee back then but still. Every time we would go on a road trip, we would stop in at some roadside diner for breakfast at an ungodly hour. Obviously, the bottomless cup of black slop was a necessity for all of us. Besides, I was too young to know any better. 

As I got closer and closer to graduating from high school, I made the choice to attend a college 5 hours away. This of course took some fast talking to get my mother to go along with the plan, but that's another story for another time. What it also meant is that I had to take a couple of trips down to the school--once to see the campus and to take an English Placement Test, and once for what was essentially summer camp/college preview weekend in the residence. Both of which are also worthy to be discussed at length some other time. 

Anyway, as was tradition, we would wake up unbelievably early and head out, stopping a couple of hours in to have breakfast and our multiple cups of bad coffee. 

These trips were the beginning of the "adult relationship" between my dad and I. We had such good time, that on occasion, my dad would actually drive the five hours down to pick me up when I would come home for a long weekend just so we could spend some time alone together and hit up our favourite spots on the road. I think that's what started my love of driving, not to mention the big revelation of the day, why bad coffee is almost a perfect companion on a crappy day. 

In fact, I kind of want one right now.