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Sometimes it's nice to feel old(er)

Too many times in a day I'm reminded of exactly how old I am. Regardless of the advantages of being an adult, I don't always need to be reminded of exactly how much of an adult I am (we're talking pure years lived of course; I'd like to think that I'm still a child at heart, at least some of the time).

That's why it's so nice when something comes along to remind you of something you loved from your childhood while not sending you into cries of "that was HOW MANY years ago?"

Frank Turner's most recent compilation album, The Second Three Years, has quite a few covers on it, but they're so personal and unique that they're almost like a love letter to the original song (end sappy gushing, now). Listening to his cover of NoFX's Linoleum, for example makes me look fondly back at that awkward time when I was in high school, as opposed to lamenting it (or even worse, lamenting the time lost between then and now).

I've started to treat my past as something of a Cub Scout (shout out to my former pack from your Second) uniform, proudly wearing merit badges that make up the sum total of your scouting experience. Owning your decisions; who you are and who you've become is shockingly freeing (and disgustingly cliché).

I'm just happy I havent become so completely cynical and I can still like things, my past included. Take that, hipsters!