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Second curse evaded; this time with a ring

A few years ago I turned 28 and evaded the 27 curse. This year, I have my feet firmly planted on the ground and no stigmata on my hands or feet. My Jesus year has come and gone and not only have I made it through another arbitrary sign post and this time I'm pulling someone else along with me (metaphorically speaking).

Since I last checked in here, I have gained a few grams on my left hand--and a few thousand more around my waistline. I accept the extra poundage on my waist, but I adore the extra hardware on my left finger.

Being married is an interesting experience in 2013. It's not the obvious life changer that it was when you went straight from your parent's place to a shared dwelling, but it hits you in other ways. Mostlly by saying to your spouse "it's weird that we're married." It's one of the last barriers to cross before you can't deny being a grownup anymore.

As scary as that is, if I have to face the fact that I'm not a kid anymore, I couldn't have picked a better person to stare this new reality in the face with.


Signs I'm not the same person I was ten years ago



  • Instead of spending the $20 on a bus ride, I seriously consider the $60 for the train (after all, it does come with a nice meal and wine)
  • I use loyalty points accrued over the past few years to book said train trip
  • "Thirty minutes on public transportation seems just so inconvenient, of course I'll take a cab. Twenty times the cost to save twenty minutes? Story checks out."
  • "Why yes, even though everyone around me is drinking the dirtiest, highest alcohol content swill on the menu, I will have the much more expensive wine"
  • I use the term "liqueur" instead of "liquor" un-ironically
  • I worry that the last two signs point to me being an alcoholic

And the most obvious sign of them all:


I'm freaking getting married (and unbelievably excited about it)!!!!


It's not a finish line, it's another jumping off point to a new adventure

Being a private person, I often struggle with how much of my life to discuss on this website, and exactly what specifics do I reveal of who I am? It's a part of why there haven't been any posts in a while. When a big chunk of your life is dominated by one event that you aren't sure you want to discuss, it's hard to write anything at all.

Since this happens to a bunch of people, I figure it's not exactly cutting myself open for all to see.

So here it is:

I'm getting married.

And I can't wait.

Growing up, every time I imagined myself married, I pictured the marriage, but never the wedding. Now that I'm neck deep in the planning of said wedding, I'm both impressed at how decisive I can be about things while at the same time being surprisingly calm about 90% of the event. The only real stressor is the ceremony itself, and that's mainly because I am not the biggest fan of public speaking.

So far, things have had this way of coming together almost on their own, and the only real complaint about the whole deal is how--regardless of how well or poorly the planning is going--your life is left in a weird state of limbo until "the day."

So many resources are tied up in getting everything organized that you don't seem to have the energy to take on much else. If I've learned anything, it's why most people say long engagements are such a freaking nightmare; I can only imaging the amount of second guessing and flip flopping would go on as time just goes by without a firm date.

As the date gets closer and closer, the more excited I get, and not just for the wedding. The honeymoon was planned almost before any wedding decision was made, and to be honest I'm just looking forward to the rest of my--our--life.

And at my age, it's going to be so much easier to say "my wife (with or without the Borat accent)" than it ever was to say "girlfriend" "partner" or "fiancée."