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Can't find my classroom; I feel like a freshman all over again, except not as fresh

I still don't know if I'm better off staying at home trying to avoid technological (and adorable animal) distractions or being out in the world trying to avoid the disctractions of society. Part of the issue is that I'm never completely alone at home for long enough to give it the old college try. I'll have the opportunity a week from now, and--hopefully--after that, I'll be able to get back in the swing of this whole self teaching thing.

Until then, I'm still in organizing mode. I'm slowy digging through website (not mine) content, I think I've finally found project management software to help with the other four projects I (want to) have going at the same time.

I guess just the fact that there are semi regular posts here is a step in the right direction. If nothing else it's getting me back into listening to music again. Podcasts are too distracting. Hopefully by next week I'll have finished wandering around the Quad and will finally make it into the building.


When is a national monument not a national monument?

I had the occasion to walk the streets of the city I currently live in with someone who hasn't been here in 30 years. This gave me the opportunity to look at things from a completely different angle. Landmarks that are commonplace to me were suddenly something new and exciting and worthy of note.

This is hardly a revolutionary idea, but when you get so lost in the details and minutia of the life you're living, sometimes it takes a cliche to snap you out of it.

Now, I wouldn't say that I've been snapped out of anything yet, but at least now I can admit to myself that my head isnt' exactly clear. Part of that could definitely be attributed to my upcoming wedding and how there is a bit of a hold put on everything until the big day, but it's also unfair of me to use it as the only reason. There's a lack of focus that I'm experiencing and I haven't been able to pinpoint the true cause of it yet.

I took the same walk I took a couple of days ago, this time alone and I tried to take everything--what I took in with my eyes AND what is floating around inside my head--with a fresh perspective. While not a great success, I can at least be honest with myself in knowing that I have to do something to change my outlook on certain things if I want the current fog to dissipate.


I was going to write about something else...

...but, as it's known to do, life got in the way. This time though, I actually rolled with it.

Long story short, I had a tiring weekend, and the topic I was going to write about was going to take more energy than I have left. So instead, I'm going to pat myself on the back--sorry--about something entirely different that happened to me mere hours ago.

I was just about to complete one of my new weekly goals when I hit a few roadblocks--namely two huge douches. I pushed through (not literally), and when I got back home there was about half a second where I was about to focus on the two idiots instead of the fact that I had actually checked something off of my mental checklist. Shockingly, once this realization hit, I was actually able to put it behind me and actually feel good about the day. 

Progress? Definitely. Baby steps? Sure, but it's better than regressing.

Oh, and thanks to the two dudes for giving me something to write about (It's weird being the glass is half full guy. Good, but totally weird).


Now if only saving the Princess were this easy!

And now, ladies and gentlemen, I will attempt to discuss applying video game logic to real world situations without losing whatever credibility I may have.

Neat trick, if I can pull it off, no?

After a long hiatus of specifically scheduled physical activity, I've decided to get into the running game. It's only my second week and already I've learned quite a few things. I've already touched on the whole goal within a goal issue that I have, so I'm going to focus on how I've learned to enjoy my new activity using my experiences playing video games.

I have an app (of course I do) that tracks each of my runs for distance, time, pace, location et cetera. The great thing about it is that it is much easier to track my progress and improvement from run to run; week to week. That is also the worst thing about it. If I happen to have a bad day, or don't beat my best time--or even my average time--that little voice inside of me starts talking about what a failure I am. Logically I know that this is ridiculous, but we all know how that little voice can get inside your head... because he/she is already there.

So if real world logic doesn't work, where is a poor nerd to turn? Why, to video games of course! I've started thinking of each of these records that my app keeps track of as high score leaderboards. Of course the ultimate goal is to get the new #1 score for each mode/level, but who can honestly say that every time they pick up a controller, they beat their own high score (let alone someone else's that rests mockingly above your personal best)?

Sometimes you have a bad day. Sometimes your finger slips and you hit the wrong button. Sometimes you focus too hard--or not enough. Whatever the reason, you're not always going to improve on a purely quantitative level.

But you always learn things: what pitfalls to avoid, how to better approach a roadblock, or most importantly, how to keep going when you suddenly run into a brick wall (or into that bottomless pit). Just getting on that horse (or adorable dinosaur) is a victory.

And just forget about trying to knock off that other person's score. They're not even playing the same game as you are. Just work on getting that local leaderboard clear of all of those placeholder scores and once that's done, focus on replacing some of your old scores from time to time.

Competing against anyone but yourself in an individual sport is a recipe for disaster because then you become the person on the street yelling at someone only you can see.

Just keep the competition friendly; we don't need any real life Tyler Durdens stumbling about.