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So I took the month of September off... 

In my defence, I wasn't even in the country for two weeks.

Also in my defence, I have nothing to defend. It's just my own internal pressure to actually keep up this blog/site updated on a consistent basis.

So without getting too personal/specific (because we all know I don't do that here), I was on a European vacation in the middle of the month which was pretty great. I did have (spotty) internet access, so that's not an excuse for not updating, but I was just enjoying being unplugged from all things at home and just enjoying my life. Even the annoyances that I experienced were great, just because I was able to pull myself out of the daily drudgery of my "ordinary" life.

Now that I'm back and almost re-integrated back into society, something hit me. How inspired I am seems to be directly proportional to how bored I am. When I'm somewhere that I find exciting and engaging, it doesn't matter how many other things I have going on, I want to do even more. My creative juices start flowing and I feel great. When I'm in an environment where I feel disengaged, I have all the time in the world, but absolutely nothing could get me to be creative. I even start to question what exactly I was so excited about last weekend.

The busy excuse has effectively been debunked in my head. I know that I have all the time in the world to work on any number of projects I have floating around in my mind. The roadblock I have to get past is my own general malaise. I need to be able to use these projects as a way to drive my motivation and not have my lack of motivation be the reason none of my projects get accomplished.

Insert snappy final line here (because I got tired of staring at the screen with nothing coming).