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First post! ...for the nth time

Because it seems I love to dig myself into--and then out of--holes, I'm going to start this new verision of my blog in a place where I've probably lost the few people who will actually read this - Podcasting.

For some reason I've been a completist in many aspects of my life. If I start to collect something, I need to have them all: every season of a beloved show, the sequels of a great film (even if they stink), an entire set of baseball cards (that's a whole topic I'll be touching on later I'm sure).

The point I'm trying to get at is that when I got into podcasting, I quickly found too many quality shows to listen to and not enough time in the day to get through all of them. Of course this sent me into a panic, which is completely logical... I should let entertainment send me into fits of hysteria instead of actually entertaining me.

What I finally realized though, was something important about me. For whatever reason, I have this innate need to finish things, even things that are not mine. And if I can't, my first instinct is to drop it (the show, the project, the collection, etc). Maybe it's my age finally doing some good, but the logical side of my brain took over and I realized that that I was being a little crazy. There's so much information in the world to consume that you can't hope to take in everything and still have a life.

So the question became do I narrow my focus and know everything possible about a few topics to feed my completist mindset or do I do something different? Narrow views have never been easy for me (as my tendancy to create sidebars makes blatantly obvious), so I've become a more discerning consumer of podcasts. My subscriptions have actually increased, but I don't feel the need to listen to every episode of every podcast that is in my feed--with the exception of the delightful Stop Podcasting Yourself #ShamelessPlug.

So what does this have to do with anything? Well, if I expand this philosophy to other aspects of my life, it explains why this website has been dormant for weeks and weeks. If I can't complete it out of the gate, why even start? This--obviously--is a rediculous statement and a perfect excuse to procrastinate. I was so obsessed with having the perfect thing to say that I froze when it came to start.

So is this a great start? Maybe. Maybe not. But it is a start, and hopefully the end is a long way off.