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Nine years and a couple days later

So when I realized that I wasn't going to be able to write about my father a few days ago, the reason was disappointing, but not altogether unexpected. The world tends to creep in and smash the proverbial "best laid plans." What surprised me more was that I hadn't written about him since the year I got married.

After getting over that pang of guilt, I realized that I had spend the last year and a half telling stories about him. Coming up on a decade now, it's easier to talk about him--hell, to steal a bit from a recent podcast, it's amazing to make dead dad jokes to people to see their reactions. That said, he's still a major part of my life and if I pause a bit walking down memory lane, it becomes a bit more real than I'm used to. Even now, a few days removed from "D-Day," my time machine back to that day is still working flawlessly.

But getting back to the world; the one thing that I'm realizing is that throughout all the stress of the recent past, I've been able to stay as steady as I am--with inevitably a few cracks in the armor here and there--for two reasons: the image of my father, and the presence of my wife. I may have written about this before but the biggest regret in my life that I had absolutely no control over is the passing of those two ships in the night. As sure as I can be about anything, I'm sure that they would have been as close as I am with my in laws. He's a huge chunk of who I am and his spirit is a calming presence in my life.

I miss him every day and if I could muster the eloquence to opine about him every day, this section of the blog would break the Internet.

Well that's something to aspire to, I guess.