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Starting over at thirty something 

It's a young man's game. That's what "they" keep saying anyway. So why would I essentially decide to start over again at thirty*cough*mumble*? More importantly, why am I asking this sitting at a coffee shop on Queen West after already splitting my life in half for the next three to four weeks?

I suppose some would consider me still a young man in the scheme of things, although these days I don't really feel like it. The past four months have taken their toll, and while I'm not exactly intimidated by my new life, I understand what kind of adjustments I will have to make over the next four months.

If I was one to look at signs, the way the MLB playoffs are shaking out this year would seem to say that I'm doing the right thing. Teams I loved from my past are colliding with my present (and future) just in time for me to enjoy them in person--or at least in closer proximity than ever before.

But mainly, this move just feels right, and it will make my wife happy once the dust settles. Maybe I should have inverted those two points, the implied cliché aside.

Selfishly, it's given my creative motivation a kick in the pants; hence my presence in this super hipster place today. It's ok, but my search for a new "spot(s)" continues. It's only really been two days after all.