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It's like one of those old Weird Science comics, but infinitely less cool

One of the problems with this new age of technology is the vast amount of choices we have to make. We are presented with the ability to learn about virtually everything, but in most cases we actually have less time in which to spend on figuring things out. The challenge, of course is no longer how to remain relevant, but how to figure out exactly what relevant is.

This is nothing groundbreaking, but the dichotomy is that while we live in a time where we can be connected to most of the planet, we often end up with very individualistic world views.

I'm reminded of an old issue of Weird Science that I found in my local library when I was a kid. The basic plot centered around this scientist who finds himself shrinking. As he gets smaller and smaller, he disappears into other worlds contained in the atoms making up things like tables. Just as he learns about one world, he disappears into a chair or the sidewalk and into a brand new planet.

I could go on and on about how nerdgasmic that whole concept is, but I'll stick to the topic at hand.

I look at people in my office, people on the bus, even people at the grocery store and its harder and harder to group people together by what they feel is important in their lives. People who have the same views on healthcare, for example, might have an entirely different view on education. At the end of the day, I think that this is a good thing; but it also means that you have to dig deeper to figure out if and where you fit in your community and in the world as a whole.

We all make choices now based on a plethora of information. What's important to me might not be to my best friend. Hell, they might not be important to me in six week based on some other piece of information I was not yet aware of. The kicker is that even though we all have vastly different outlooks and areas of interest, somehow we all expect everyone else to be up to speed on what we spend our time on.

And that makes it infinitely harder for me to stay--much less define the term--relevant.