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How much of that online profile do you fill out?

Maybe this is something I should have outlined before I got ankle deep in this thing, but I was having a conversation with a friend of mine who asked exactly how much of myself I was going to "put out there" with this blog. I didn't have a very specific answer, which kind of scared me at first, but then I realized that I was a child of the internet age and some part of me had already figured out which walls to put up from the get go.

I've never been one to be a completely open book, either online or in the real world. I've always been very particular about what information I share. Checking Facebook privacy settings to make sure things haven't reset are always somewhere in the back of my head, but I keep my Twitter feed open. It all may seem very random, but there is a method hidden away in there somewhere. I think the important thing is to maintain that self awareness and not put too much faith--or, not enough faith--in technology (finding that particular balance is another topic for another post).

There are certain aspects of my personal life that are instinctively out of bounds, and you won't ever catch me talking about them here. Some parts of my life are not my story to tell, so they're out as well. The tricky part is to share enough of who you are that those of you who know me personally will still recognize me through my writing, and those of you who don't would have some sort of insight into who the real human is behind all of these words and lines of code.

I may not have a concrete checklist as to what I will or won't reveal, but after surviving more than three decades, isn't it time I trust my instincts at least once?