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The quickest of hits

Ideas come fast and quick in the welcoming light of day. If I'm smart enough to digitally write them down, they have a hard time pasing the harsh judgement of the setting sun. Fair? Probably not, but so it goes.

Until I have the courage to push through it.


Procrastination is funny

...because it actually procrastinates on its way to getting to you. I was more motivated than I have been in a while to actually get back to "code school." That is right up until the hour I was supposed to start and (not so) surprisingly I found something else to do.

This is going to be harder than I thought.

And I have no idea if it will be worth it or not, but it beats sitting around at home doing nothing except consuming stuff.




Hard resetting my dream cycle

So a couple nights ago, I got logic-ed out of a dream. I was outside of my condo and for some reason--because we all do things that are unbelievably out of character in our dreams--left my iPhone on the sidewalk just outside of the main entrance to the condo building and walked inside to say something to the security guard. When I looked outside again, predictably, my phone was gone. In a panic I raced outside and saw someone running away at full speed. I followed after, just in time to see the alleged thief jump into a car. I then snapped a picture of the license plate with my phone (you know, the one that was just stolen), paused for a second to think about what just happened... and woke up.

Still half in dreamland, I immediately looked to my beside table to glance at my phone in real time, only to see that it wasn't there. Now the adrenaline really starts to kick in as I get out of bed, thinking back over my actions of last night trying to figure out if my awake self could be as stupid as my sleeping persona. Then, for no reason that my conscious mind can conceive, I open the door to my walk in closet and sitting on the top of my dresser is that damn phone. Somehow, I had forgotten to put it on its charger after getting ready for bed.

Boring story, right? Absolutely, except that it got me wondering that due to my obsession with my gadgets--and routine--that my unconscious self found a way to say "Hey dummy! You forgot to plug in your phone, so get on it," the only way it knows how.

And I'm not sure if that's terrifying or amazing.


Foiled... by the very technology I hoped to use

So I found the perfect place to sit and work in the evenings during the week, so I sat down, pulled out my electronics and... no wifi. Or rather, pay only wifi.


Take two next week, back at Starbucks I suppose.


What happens when you clear the mechanism for too long?

When a major--and unexpectedly maddening--life change happens, how do you keep from letting the rest of your life fall by the wayside?

When I was younger, I didn't have these types of questions in my head. Every life change was major--and unexpectedly maddening--so it only felt right that everything else would cease to exist until I came to terms with whatever issue was standing in front of me. That's when I was immortal and had all the time in the world to get back to the rest of the world.

Now I'm older, hopefully wiser, and much more aware of my mortality. Time doesn't lumber by anymore, it's decided to upgrade to a bullet train. Every day of the last couple of months have looked exactly the same--and that's not just the never ending Winter speaking. Even now, I see the light at the end of the tunnel getting slightly larger than a pinhole and I'm only starting to be aware just how much I've removed myself from, well, life in general.

I know that at the end of all of this, I'm going to be happier, definitely wiser, and more entrenched in my adulthood than ever--which is a good thing--but I'm not sure that I had to do it at the expense of enjoying the now (now being the past, I suppose). "The garden" hasn't been tended, so to speak, and even the parts that were, I can barely remember being the one holding the watering can. Bad metaphors aside, it stinks, and to the people who read this that it applies to: I'm sorry. Being a stubborn, "I don't need to ask for help" person isn't always the easiest to be friends with and I'm grateful to everyone who either doesn't see it that way or who doesn't care.

There has to be a way that we can grow as human beings without it coming at the expense of enjoying the journey and all the little side roads that come with it. I just haven't figured out how yet, and it's not like the road is getting any longer...