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Insert clever song lyric here

Media consumption in 2014--for me anyway--has become more complicated as the ways to consume have gotten easier, or at least more convenient.

Podcasts are great, but when you subscribe to too many of them, it takes almost all day, every day--excluding weekends--just to keep up. This leaves precious little time for music, TV, movies... or actual human interaction. I was actually stressing myself out trying to listen to everything, which is the exact opposite reason why I listen to podcasts.

I don't know why it took me so long to realize it, but just like there's no way to see every news story, read every book or watch every tv show in existence, I can't possibly be expected--by who, exactly, I'm not even sure--to listen to all episodes of the small sampling of podcasts that I subscribe to.

So here's my crazy plan: I will choose a list of no more than ten podcasts that are "must listen." These I will make a point of hearing no matter how long it takes. These are the shows that are the most entertaining, informative, and the ones I'll feel actual guilt about not hearing. Everything else I'll do a clean every Sunday and delete any episodes that I haven't gotten around to in that week (I figure that downloading them in the first place help out the artist with their download numbers, thus helping in my tiny way to keep the podcast alive).

Caveats? It's me, so of course:

  • Any supremely interesting guest, or topic I can keep for a while
  • Any time I'm actually on vacation or travelling, podcasts released in that time frame get carried over to when I'm back to my "normal" schedule again.

To answer your question, yes, I am this neurotic. It carries over into most aspects of my life, sometimes in very strange ways.

In the interest of full disclosure, I'm actually listening to good old fashioned music as I write, so I guess you could say it's paying off already.


Gum, you sneaky bastard

So this happened to me yesterday evening:

I had just started chewing my first piece of gum in what must have been months while walking back to my place and I noticed I had a bit of a swagger going on and I wasn't sure why.  

It became embarassingly clear as I passed a storefront window and caught a glimpse of my own reflection.

I had never put this together until yesterday, but when you're chomping away on gum, how cool you look is inversely proportional to how cool you feel.

...oh, wait, that's just me?


Ok then.

Never mind. Carry on.