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It's just rain, not "The Purge" for douchebags

Water misting down from the sky is no excuse to:

  • Block every door leading both inside and outside
  • Take up both sides of the escalator as you shake out your umbrella
  • Stop short every five steps because a larger than normal raindrop hits you in the head
  • Attempt to text and walk while holding your umbrella

Oh, and golf umbrellas are called GOLF umbrellas for a reason. Keep them off busy sidewalks.

/end rant

Oh, and yeah, I guess I'm back. Let's open the floodgates...


Don't get me started on the misuse of Social Media or we'll be here forever...

I'll just talk about this specific, somewhat related pet peeve today (that's what they call the 'ole bait & switch). Otherwise we'll be here forever. Unsurprisingly, it has to do with lazy people and technology. I keep hearing the same complaint over and over again from these infuriating people:

"I hate technology X because I thought it did Y, but it didn't, so I had to do Z instead! It's so stupid, why won't it just do what I want it to do?!?!?"

About 5% of these people are spoiled kids who I have, for the most part, learned to ignore. The rest, unfortunately, are people who should know better. You know, the same people who talk about how better things were before "today's technology;" the same people who used to read instruction manuals for the technology that was available 10, 15, 20 years ago; the same people who say they take pride in understanding how things work.

These same people look at something like the cloud and can't be bothered to do any research on it, take everything they hear as gospel and are somehow annoyed when things don't exactly work out the way they want and lament everything but their own ignorance when their identity gets stolen. And of course they instantly blame the technology for not conforming to what they think it should be able to do for them.

Now I'm not saying that technology is flawless; a lot of it is uber annoying and useless for the average person. What I am saying is that maybe personal responsibility is still a thing that should be valued in order to understand how said technology COULD be used to benefit your life. Some things may be for you, some might not, but it behooves us all to actually take the time to understand how to use said technology properly.

As any Sci-fi fan will tell you, that's how Skynet takes over.

/end rant.