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We've all been that umbrella before

About halfway through my commute home on this rainy Thursday, I noticed a lone umbrella hooked onto one of the horizontal bars of the bus, right near the rear door. Nobody was around it and I started to wonder if it was a forgotten umbrella, but mostly I was curious if anyone else would notice it. A young mother had it pointed out to her by her daughter, but that seemed to be about it. During the next twenty minutes maybe five or six people either stood beside the solitary umbrella, or passed it as they exited the bus at their stop.

Usually I try to be one of the first to get off the bus so I can make the next transfer, but I had become intrigued by the story of this lost umbrella so I decided to hang back to see if anyone else would take notice, and if so, what they would do. As the last of the people got off the bus, headed to their next stop, not one single person gave it more than a cursory glance. It was nice to see that nobody stole the lonely umbrella but nobody really did anything about it at all, either.

I admit it; normally, I would be one of them. I always tell myself that I do the right thing, and hopefully that's true in most cases, but I know that sometimes I'm just so "internal" that I ignore--or rather, choose to ignore--dropped change, abandoned bags and solitary umbrellas. As I got off the bus, rather than rushing to the stop where my transfer was probably just pulling up, I picked up the still damp umbrella and brought it to the driver who was stepping off the bus into the rain to stretch his legs. I actually had to repeat "I think someone left this on the bus" twice before he took the umbrella and thanked me with a bemused, but genuinely grateful look on his face. 

As I made my way downstairs to wait for the next bus, I was reminded of the jacket I left on a bus maybe 6 years ago when I was in too much of a hurry to get home to make sure I had everything with me. I never did check the lost and found; did someone else take the time out of their day to try to return my jacket or did it make its way to the end of the line untouched, or worse (for me) to someone else's home?

Maybe I'm just feeling overly sentimental today, but knowing that not only have I had my own "lost umbrella" but I've actually been the umbrella before too, wonder why it's so hard to break out of your own personal bubble even it it's just to pass something along into somebody else's... especially when I got a warm fuzzy from "doing the right thing."

Oh, and I still made my original transfer, so thanks karma (or something).



Signs I'm not the same person I was ten years ago



  • Instead of spending the $20 on a bus ride, I seriously consider the $60 for the train (after all, it does come with a nice meal and wine)
  • I use loyalty points accrued over the past few years to book said train trip
  • "Thirty minutes on public transportation seems just so inconvenient, of course I'll take a cab. Twenty times the cost to save twenty minutes? Story checks out."
  • "Why yes, even though everyone around me is drinking the dirtiest, highest alcohol content swill on the menu, I will have the much more expensive wine"
  • I use the term "liqueur" instead of "liquor" un-ironically
  • I worry that the last two signs point to me being an alcoholic

And the most obvious sign of them all:


I'm freaking getting married (and unbelievably excited about it)!!!!


The more things change...

It seems to me that I was thinking the same thing 365 days ago:

"This is the year I'll finally get something accomplished."

To be fair, I did accomplish quite a few things in the last twelve months both personally and professionally, and I suppose that if I was satisfied with where I was, that would be the real disappointment. I've always wanted to keep learning; creating; evolving. I guess the real question is "did I shortchange myself in the last year?"

It's too early for me to  be objective about it, but I'd like to hope that I didn't. I'm pretty confident that I didn't overachieve, but I feel good enough to say that my days of underacheiving are behind me.

...I really hope the next fifty two weeks don't prove me wrong.